3 Ways You Can Use Spray Foam For Your DIY Green Home Project

We all know that spray foams are very efficient and useful in insulating our homes. It makes our home energy efficient and saves you a lot of money. That’s all true, but spray foams can also be used in so many ways. If you have several Do-It-Yourself green home projects, I strongly recommend spray foams. Let me show you some examples where you can use spray foams in so many possible ways.

1. Attic Seal


Using spray foams to your attic floors is very popular. If you seal your attic floors using spray foam, it can help you lower down your utility bills. If you use your heating and cooling system, it doesn’t have to fill your attic up that will result in more energy consumption.

How to do it:

  • Prepare the spray foam
  • Clear attic boards and other blown-in or batt insulation
  • Seal the passages around flues, chases, bypasses and the gap between brick bearing wall and exterior wall plaster
  • Install roof vent baffles and check access covers making sure it’s airtight
  • Apply spray foam to your desired thickness on the joists through the attic deck or the backside of the ceiling

2. No more crawlspaces


Are you tired of all those pests that keep on crawling in your home? Start this project using a spray foam and get rid of those crawlspaces.

How to do it:

  • Prepare the spray foam
  • Make sure that the subfloors are dry, clean and with the right temperature
  • Spray the foam to the subfloor bays ensuring that joints connected to the joists are covered
  • Add polyethylene sheeting on the crawlspace and use the spray foam to adhere the sheet to the wall
  • Apply spray foam to the foundation walls, floor joists above the foundation walls up to the subfloor

3. Air barrier for sounds


Sometimes noise can be out of control. You can use spray foam to create air barriers that can lessen the noise and make it manageable.
How to do it:

  • Prepare the spray foam
  • Spray it on interior walls or hard surfaces around the room to muffle the sound around
  • Enjoy minimized noise disturbance

You can use spray foams in so many ways. It is a cool stuff that you should use to help you achieve a better home.